Desperate people do desperate things

We find that in the most desperate times of life we make some of the most poor choices.

For example:

* When you finally slid as far down the hill as you can go in your health and wellness and make desperate radical choices in order to get to where you think you should be.

* When you’re destitute and don’t think you have anywhere to go and you start making life and job decisions that are against who you really are or that make you miserable.

What to do.

1. Don’t get stuck in the pity cycle; letting the momentum of things that make you feel bad take control. Take over. You can stop the spin!

2. Listen to the positive inner voice. Not the one that gives excuses, or the naysayers around you.

3. Know who you are when you are emotionally strong. This gives us a pillar to ground ourselves.

4. Focus on the best of you, not the worst.

You CAN do it. You WILL make positive life choices. Remind yourself that today is the day!


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