Help yourself and you’ll get help

Not everyone has the means to be able to help himself in certain situations. However, having the attitude and the confidence that you will become a better person, get out of the situation, or the desire to help yourself will draw the helpful energy of those around you.

The Debbie Downers in life remain that way because they put out the energy of negative self which turns off people around them. Then what happens? They say “well nobody’s there for me,” “nobody helps me,” “nothing positive ever happens to me.”

When you focus on the bad you’ll see that negativity is a repellent; it pushes away people who could help raise you up, support you, and calls more negativity.

Changing your attitude even if the situation isn’t full roses enhances energy around you and brings positivity in various forms.

We keep learning and growing from our challenges. But it is up to you to learn the lesson. When you don’t it keeps showing itself in different forms.


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